Star Wars: Kelly Marie Tran Shares the "Best Thing" About Carrie Fisher

Following the sudden passing of Carrie Fisher late last year, virtually every one of her [...]

Following the sudden passing of Carrie Fisher late last year, virtually every one of her collaborators came forward to share a hilarious anecdote about the actress whose personality gave her on-screen characters a run for their money. In a new interview with Kelly Marie Tran, who debuts in the Star Wars galaxy with The Last Jedi, the actress shared that Fisher's honesty will always serve as an inspiration.

"What a woman," Tran commented to BuzzFeed about Fisher. "The best thing about Carrie that I witnessed was that she was just purely honest. No matter how messy that was, or how complicated that was."

The actress went on to recall a training session she had to make sure she was in good shape for the role's physicality. According to Tran, during Fisher's "training" sessions, she would spend time on the treadmill while also smoking cigarettes and drinking soda.

"I don't know how to explain it — without even protecting me, she was. Just by being herself," Tran shared.

Unfortunately, while Tran appreciated the opportunity to star in the film, she had to sacrifice honesty with her friends and family, as she wasn't allowed to divulge the details of the project to those she cared most about.

"I was scared, I was alone, I couldn't tell anyone what I was doing," Tran confessed. "I remember crying because I wanted my friends to experience it."

Little is known about Tran's character of Rose, other than she's a mechanic with the Resistance and will be spending plenty of time with John Boyega's Finn in The Last Jedi.

"Something that I really like about Rose, she's sort of always on a mission. She is a very practical person, she's very pragmatic," Tran described of her character to Entertainment Weekly.

"The journey that she and Finn go on seems pretty impossible, you can tell in this moment that she's very much aware of the dangers that they are about to face, but she's also logically in her mind problem-solving on the way," she added. "She knows exactly, probably, how many things can go wrong in a situation."

We'll learn much more about Rose when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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