Star Wars: Kylo Ren Details Possibly Spoiled in 'The Last Jedi' Card Game

The details of a movie's plot can be spoiled in a variety of ways, which is potentially why the [...]

The details of a movie's plot can be spoiled in a variety of ways, which is potentially why the marketing materials for The Last Jedi have gone to great lengths to avoid revealing too much information about the film's plot. Instead, it's possible that a Last Jedi-themed card game could have revealed information about Kylo Ren's journey in the new film.

***WARNING: Possible details for The Last Jedi below***

The popular card game Top Trumps offers a wide variety of different themes honoring various properties, with one of its new sets being themed around The Last Jedi. Images of the set have begun to appear online, which possibly tease Kylo's allegiances in the new film.

kylo ren top trumps the last jedi
(Photo: Top Trumps)

The character's description reads: "After a stinging defeat by the scavenger Rey, Kylo Ren refocuses his efforts on destroying the Resistance. Though his dark side powers have increased, Kylo still has much to prove to his shadowy mentor, Supreme Leader Snoke."

The above description might not immediately reveal Kylo's desires, but when looking at his statistic for "Greed," which is 160, you notice it definitely stands out when compared to Rey's statistic for the same characteristic.

top trumps the last jedi rey
(Photo: Top Trumps)

Kylo's rating of 160 in Greed is incredibly high, which hints that the character feels proud and empowered by his actions in The Force Awakens. With one of the most memorable actions being killing his father, we can only assume there are no lengths Kylo won't go to in order to obtain as much power as possible.

Combine the greed with the feeling of having to prove himself to Snoke, it could be possible that Kylo is no longer content to act out orders under the Supreme Leader and potentially wants to take more power for himself.

Additionally, recent footage of Rey demonstrating her Force powers in what appears to be Snoke's throne room might be confirmation that, when Snoke attacks Rey with his abilities, Kylo intervenes, similarly to how events unfold at the end of Return of the Jedi.

From there, Kylo could sense that Rey might potentially be searching for answers, leading to him offering her a chance to join him.

We'll find out in three weeks exactly how Kylo's journey unfolds when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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