Mark Hamill on Star Wars' "First Sex Scene" in 'The Last Jedi'

The latest film in the Star Wars saga was packed with a lot of unique developments and new [...]

The latest film in the Star Wars saga was packed with a lot of unique developments and new elements for the franchise, and star Mark Hamill likes to joke that it includes something no other film in the saga has ever had.

While speaking with Games Radar, the Luke Skywalker actor had a laugh in saying writer and director Rian Johnson gave Star Wars its first "sex scene." Hamill was referring to the scene in which Rey and Kylo Ren communicate with the Force, culminating with them sensually touching hands.

"I even said it to Rian, 'When you have the fingers do this… [mimes touching hands] that's the first sex scene in Star Wars!' I said, 'I didn't get to touch a finger! I would have loved to touch a finger!'" Hamill said with a laugh. "But I thought it was so odd because I didn't know if it's even said in the script, if it's described in that way, but when I saw it on screen I thought, I've got this charge, I went 'Wow!' - that's as erotic as Star Wars gets."

Hamill looks back at his time making The Last Jedi fondly, even though his time in the franchise seems to be coming to an end. The actor addressed why he feels like it's time to move on from the role of Luke Skywalker.

"I haven't really thought about [Episode IX] because there's such a sense of closure, Luke's story is told. What more can I do?" Hamill said. "And you know, you have to start disconnecting from it emotionally. The main thing [that shocked me in The Force Awakens] was – Han Solo is killed! I'll never get to work with Harrison again. Luke will never see Han again. That's what struck me, that was the first break, we lost a member of the band."

But the following events compounded the issue, both in the story and in real life.

"And then what happened with Luke [in The Last Jedi], I said 'Okay, that's the next link' when I was still thinking I'll come back as a Force ghost," Hamill added. "And then to lose Carrie in real life, I said 'That's it'. They say you can never go home again, and that for me was the real indication that it's time to move on."

Fans can see Luke's last hurrah in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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