Star Wars: The Mandalorian's Jon Favreau Bought a Case of Dave Filoni Action Figures

Star Wars: The Mandalorian executive producer and director Dave Filoni made his live action acting debut in the first season of the Disney+ series, Chapter 6: The Prisoner, where he portrayed X-Wing pilot Trapper Wolf and, subsequently the role was immortalized with an action figure — and Filoni's fellow executive producer Jon Favreau bought a whole case of them. During an appearance at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, Filoni revealed how his appearance in The Mandalorian came about and Favreau's hilarious "collection".

"I was really snuck in," Filoni said when asked about the various "Filoni things" snuck into The Mandalorian. "He thought it'd be really god for me to get on camera. I debated that because I'm like, I don't think the quality of the show goes up if I'm an X-Wing pilot. I think the show goes down. I told him I'd do it if Rick and Deb did it, so there was three of us and I was joking. But he didn't think I was joking, and he held me to it. And now there are action figures that he makes me sign. He bought a whole case."

"They go up in value. You think NFTs are good? Filoni figures," Favreau joked.

Filoni also revealed the Easter Egg he sneaks into every episode he directs during the conversation. Filoni revealed that he has an Akira Kurosawa figure that he hides somewhere on set in every episode that he directs as a reminder of Kurosawa's influence on George Lucas.

"There's one thing I do in particular that I don't think anyone will ever see, but a lot of my influences obviously come from George and then George, his mentor is Akira Kurosawa and so I've done a lot of study of that and talking to George about it," Filoni said. "So, I have a really small Akira Kurosawa figure and he is in every episode I've directed somewhere in the set. And so, I hide him in there, and when we shoot an episode I'm directing he's always right by the monitors to remind me of a lot of his principles of filmmaking that he gave to George, so he's kind of another influence on what I'm doing. He's in there, but it'll be very hard to see him."

As for those Kurosawa Easter Eggs, now that fans know they're in Filoni's episodes of The Mandalorian, fans are certainly going to go back to rewatch and try to find them and they do have a bit of time to go through all of the episodes of the first two seasons of The Mandalorian to do so. It was announced that Season 3 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian is set to drop on Disney+ in February 2023.

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