Want to Smell Like a Jedi?

Last year CoverGirl released a makeup line connected to the Star Wars: Force Awakens launch. In a [...]

Last year CoverGirl released a makeup line connected to the Star Wars: Force Awakens launch. In a follow up to the ever expanding universe of Star Wars branding potential, Lifestyle Perfumes has now released a line of scents for men and women based on Lucas' film franchise.

The perfumes are bottled in canisters meant to resemble the films iconic lightsabers. Lifestyle Perfumes website proclaims:

The trilogy of futuristic "must have" perfumes transfers the essence of the Star Wars universe skillfully into a fascinating world of fragrances, which represent the best-known elements and characters from the saga. The products are presented in a luxurious and lavish flacon which draws upon the symbolism of probably the most emblematic element of the movie – the lightsaber.

The perfumes come in three scents - Empire - for man, Jedi - for man and or course, Amidala - for woman. The company went all in with the descriptions on their site:

SW Empire
(Photo: Lifestyles)

EMPIRE covers you with an aura of masculinity and power. A scent that captures the dark side of the Force; mystical, formidable and superior. It starts with a sparkle of fruity notes from lime and apple. Powerful chords of amber, patchouli and tonka-bean characterize the powerful heart and base note that refine the composition. The result is a distinctive, oriental, seductive fragrance - perfect for the night, made for men which one better does not get in the way.

SW Jedi
(Photo: Lifestyles)

The swaggering, fearless flair of JEDI combines cleverly the feeling of the powerful presence of the light side of the Force and a valiant sportiness into a composition which is simultaneously sympathetic-fresh and heroic-powerful. Star Wars JEDI underlines the masculinity of the wearer; subtle but unmistakable. The seductive blend of pink pepper in its bouquet, water lily in the heart and sensual notes of musk and sandalwood in the base chord creates a strong aura of positive energy – which makes this fragrance the perfect companion for guys.

SW Amidala
(Photo: Lifestyles)

AMIDALA inspired this fragrance through her royal elegance as well as by her strong, indomitable will. The elegant and sensual notes of vanilla, musk and patchouli are complemented by a fruity top note of apple and tangerine and merges into a sovereign seductive aura for any situation by day and by night; a floral perfume with oriental and powdery notes, which makes its wearer irresistible.

To all this I ask... 'What? No Wookie perfume?'

According to Lifestyles site, "The three fragrances are available in two different sizes – the 40ml version is perfect for a handbag or sports bag, while the 60ml version can live in your bathroom and be a true eye-catcher there with its spectacular light sword design."

I guess next time you get caught in trash compactor, you'll be able to smell like a Jedi again with just a spray.