The Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs Reveals How Carl Deals With Negan


The characters of The Walking Dead really have no reason to like Negan, obviously. First impressions are important and right now it doesn't look like Negan is making any friends.

Carl is no exception.

"He doesn't like this guy, at all," Chandler Riggs says of Carl's outlook on Negan during a press conference at San Diego Comic Con. Furthering his reasoning, as if he even needed to, Riggs has a full explanation of Carl's outlook on the new big bad.

"Just from the Saviors being jerks of people and trying to kill his friends and kill his family, they kind of got off to a bad start," Riggs says. "I think Carl is one of the only ones in the group that was pulled, that didn't in that scene stand up to Negan like Abraham and maybe Daryl."

Character opinions aside, Riggs doesn't personally dislike the most menacing villain ever to cross The Walking Dead's story. "I think he's really cool, though," Riggs admits.

In The Walking Dead comics, Negan and Carl have a very interesting relationship. While Negan proves to be manipulative and evil most of the time, he always has a bizarre layer of respect for the son of Rick who grew up in the apocalypse. Some say Negan sees a bit of himself in the boy he calls a "future serial killer."

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