'The Walking Dead': Who Is Gracie?

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Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead had a subtle heartbreaking moment packed into its action sequences as it introduced a little girl named Gracie.

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon carried out their raid on a Savior outpost, thanks to insight from Dwight, and killed everyone they found inside. By the end of their journey, Rick was taking a long hard look at himself in the mirror when he found a baby girl in her crib with paint on the wall next to her reading "Gracie."

Gracie is not a character fans should know from a previous episode or comic book page but one which caused a great deal of inner conflict for Rick Grimes.

Prior to finding the crib, Rick had an intense fight with a man in another room and came out on top. He killed the man. As the body lay dead on the floor, Rick saw a tattoo on the man reading, "Grace Be God." It's an indication that this man was the little girl's father and Rick took him away from her. Like many other survivors at this point in The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes is all too familiar with losing family members.

Rick's struggle going forward was likely mirrored by the events at the satellite station which saw both sides of the sheriff's internal argument being verbalized as Tara and Morgan are eager to kill Saviors as Paul "Jesus" Rovia is avidly looking for a better way to settle the score.

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