What Did Rick's Note Say On 'The Walking Dead'

TWD Rick Note 802

During Episode 8x02 of The Walking Dead, Rick and Daryl carried out a mission in a Savior outpost using inside information provided by Dwight.

The note Rick was carrying was obtained by Daryl in the early moments on the Season 8 premiere. It's a clear show of allegiance from Dwight, seeing as the note guided their mission through a Savior outpost, offering a detailed layout of the location, including where the Savior guards will be posted.

As made clear by Rick, the mission was to infiltrate the Saviors and take some of their more powerful weapons as their own. "The heavy guns are kept at Shephard Office Plaza" according to the note, including a "Browning 50 cal." The note offers a loose map of the building, including the front gate which has "1 guard" posted. Once inside, the note warns about two more guards who will be waiting in the hallway.

Beneath the map, Dwight notes that there are "no upper lookouts" because of "roof damage." The building is "4 floors" which are usually "empty during days" but there can be "20+ vehicles." According to the note, this outpost was planning an expansion, but Rick and Daryl don't have to worry about taking care of everything because "the dead will."

As Daryl and Rick head to other floors through the elevator shafts, they are only following a specific instruction on Dwight's note.

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