Does Walking Dead Behind-The-Scenes Photo Hint At Who Negan Killed?

Negan Beard No Beard

For the past few months, Walking Dead fans have been asking one simple, persistent question: Who does Negan kill? The show's Season Six finale all but guaranteed one of Rick's followers will meet a horribly violent death next season, and fans have been looking at everything from shooting schedules to The Walking Dead comics to find clues as to who was killed. So, clearly, some fans were very surprised when Norman Reedus uploaded a photo to Instagram that may gives fans new information about who Negan murdered.

In a now-deleted photo, Reedus uploaded a picture which shows himself as Daryl posing for a selfie alongside Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Reedus mentioned in the post that the photo was from the show's Season Six finale, but fans are saying the actor must be mistaken as the image shows Rick sporting a new cut which wasn't shown last season.

Despite being deleted, the photo is being circulated still through Twitter and Reddit. So, if you've looked at the image, then you'll have noticed there was blood splattered on Rick's face. Fans are still deciding whether they believe the blood came from a cut or not, but either way, it was definitely not present during the Season Six finale. So, what could this all mean?

Well, it means that some bloodshed occurred and Rick was caught in its fallout.

Fans have noticed that Reedus' image shows Rick with blood on the right-side of his face, indicating someone such as Maggie who's directly off to his right might be getting whammed by Negan's bat, Lucille. Of course, other victims could include Michonne or Glenn if they're gutsy enough to try and rush Negan.

But there is a catch. As it looks like Norman uses an iPhone 6, fans must remember the phone mirrors whatever photos it captures when they're taken with its front-sided camera. Yes, there are apps and convoluted ways to remove the mirror setting, but it does look like Reedus is taking the selfie himself So, if the photo has been mirrored, then that would mean Rick's left-side is blood-spattered which opens up a new list of potential victims. Fans are now trying to suss out whether the photo is flipped or not. But, if it really is, then one of Rick's friends to his left could be getting intimately acquainted with Lucille.

(Photo: AMC)

Of course, there are other fans who're saying the photo doesn't reveal much of anything since Negan's assault wouldn't take place while his victim was still kneeling in line with Rick. Much like in the comics, fans expect the violent leader to make the murder an all-out spectacle and - what's more - a warning. For all we know, Reedus might have put the blood on Andrew Lincoln to throw fans off.


Still, it is suspicious that Reedus deleted the post soon after it was originally posted though fans have kept the image circulating through screenshots. The move has only furthered fans' desire for answers as they continue to sleuth about, trying to uncover just who Negan's unlucky victim is.

So, let us know in the comments if you think the photo holds the answers as to who Negan's target is. Tell us who you think will bite it when The Walking Dead returns to AMC this fall?