Fear The Walking Dead Episode 5x10 Trailer Released

AMC has officially released a look at the next episode of Fear the Waking Dead. The Episode will be number 5x10, with seven total remaining in the back half of the show's fifth season.

Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x10 is titled "210 Words Per Minute." The official synopsis for 210 Words Per Minute reads, "Morgan and Grace search an abandoned shopping mall for supplies and to fulfill a dying man's wish. There, the mission quickly turns to a fight for survival. Meanwhile, Dwight's resolve to be a better man is tested." The episode will build on the reveal of Althea's tapes being used to spread the group's message of willingness to help and spread goodness.

"It’s very much setting up this question of how they’re going to live, and we kind of see that in many different ways through different characters," Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss told Undead Walking of the mid-season premiere. "Some of them are thinking about it on a practical level, obviously June is one that directly addressed that in terms of having 30-40 people living in a convoy that’s always on the move. But then there are other characters who are looking at it on a more emotional level. Looking at Alicia, she’s definitely looking for a new way to live and a new way of looking at the world that is divorced from the violence she found herself embroiled in during the first half."

The episode will likely dive into the newly introduced character of Wes, portrayed by Colby Hollman. However, the AMC zombie series also seemed to have set the stage for a villain in the form of Logan with the final moments of the mid-season five premiere. Throughout Season Five, there has not been a clear cut villain, so far.


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Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.