'Fear The Walking Dead' Introduces Massive New Friendly Group to 'Dead' Universe

In addition to exploring a post-apocalyptic Austin, Texas, Fear the Walking Dead also expanded the Dead universe by introducing a massive new group of survivors.

The AMC series aired the fourteenth episode of its fourth season on Sunday night. Starting with a flashback, the villainous Martha (played by Tonya Pinkins) was given an origin story. After her husband perished while being neglected by passers by on a highway, she took on a villainous mentality believing that help only makes people weak and people need to survive without it.

Along her journey, Martha began intersecting with a group of survivors who drive trucks and offer supply boxes to help others whose apocalyptic stories have kept them alive. Every 10 miles, they drop a box of resources with a message written on it, encouraging folks to take what they need and leave what they don't.

This group, as explained to Martha by Stevie during the flashback, likes to help people and is clearly confident enough to journey down these roads alone. Each of the drivers who Martha killed was enthusiastically helping people, well-dressed, clean, and loaded with supply boxes.

During an exchange with the last victim of Martha's last on screen victim, it was revealed this group operates under the leadership of a man or woman who goes by "Polar Bear." While searching for the illustrious Polar Bear, Martha ended up getting in contact with Morgan Jones after his nap in the back of a truck brought him to Mississippi with Wendell and Sarah.

There is no word yet on where Polar Bear could be from but given the show's connection to the Dead universe, there is one group from Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic books which comes to mind as the source of the supplies.

In recent issues, The Walking Dead comics have been exploring a storyline with a group called the Commonwealth. It is a thriving bunch, living 50,000 strong in Ohio. Many of the survivors in the community have not been exposed to the treachery of the apocalypse. However, the group operates on a class system which seems to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. The idea of sending trucks out with supplies to help people does not appear to fit their characteristics, especially considering how thoroughly the group vets potential newcomers.


With only two episodes left in Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season, some details regarding Polar Bear and his group may arise, but seem more likely a play for the fifth season of the AMC show set for 2019.

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