Here's What Would Happen If Victor Strand Met Negan In A Fear The Walking Dead Crossover

The Flash and Arrow do it. Daredevil and Jessica Jones do it. Every Marvel hero does it on the big [...]

The Flash and Arrow do it. Daredevil and Jessica Jones do it. Every Marvel hero does it on the big screen. Hell, even Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire do it. It is a word that makes comic book movie and TV fans clamor with excitement.

It is a crossover.

While most comic book properties jump at the prospect for a crossover, AMC's The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead show no signs for any plans of having characters from the two shows ever overlap. In fact, spoke with Fear producer Dave Erickson on the subject not so long ago and Erickson confirmed that plans are not in place right now.

Still, that doesn't stop us from fantasizing about getting more of our favorite The Walking Dead characters in appearances on Fear or possibly developing or Fear gang a bit more down the line in Alexandria.

Talking to Colman Domingo, the actor behind Victor Strand on Fear the Walking Dead, we fantasized about his msyterious and strong character crossing paths with the biggest villain on television, Negan.

"In a strange way, I feel that he would actually get along with him," Domingo says of Strand and Negan.

"I think he understands the way his mind operates. The moment Negan walks in and he's got the power, he knows to mess with minds and he knows exactly what he needs to do to assert his power and to get what he needs."

Negan certainly does get what he wants - even if he has to bash someone's head in with a baseball bat to send the message.

"He's masterful in that way, and I think he would see him as someone who could be very useful to him," Domingo goes on. "I don't think he would think of him as a nemesis. I think they would really understand one another, like close cousins, I think. They have the choice to use their power for darkness or for light, but they both understand the power that each other has, I think."

Well, when you put it that way, Colman, we all want to sign of for the Victor Strand/Negan show.

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