Men Of The Walking Dead Walker Stalker Panel Recap

The Walking Dead took over Atlanta, Georgia's World Congress Center over the weekend as cast and crew from the show assembled to meet fans of the series and host a few discussions offering insight with their experience. It is an annual Walker Stalker Convention which takes place in the show's hometown.

On Sunday afternoon, Austin Amelio, Austin Nichols, Tyler James Williams, Seth Gilliam, Jason Douglas, and Michael Traynor took the stage for a panel hosted by's Walking Dead expert Brandon Davis.

Brandon starts out the panel by asking about the season seven premiere. Up until this Sunday, Noah was the most brutal death on the show. Noah thinks Glenn took the title because Noah wasn't killed by people. Gilliam disagrees, because Noah was being tortured the entire time.

The cast members joke about how some of them talk to each other now once they've left the show. Michael jokes that Tyler makes the afterlife look sexy.

A fan asks Austin about what role he likes playing the most. He says he loves them all, but playing Spencer is so much fun for a guy to play.
Another fan asks Seth where Gabriel will see himself going this season. He says at this point, Gabriel doesn't really fear any man. He's been "sipping the Rick juice."

That means he's faced the darkest parts of himself and that he could take on anyone. He doesn't see Gabriel as the instigator though, but he will happily follow Rick wherever he goes.

Brandon jokes that the only man they have to fear is Robert Kirkman. He then asks how the show will mirror the comics.

Nicholas says the writers do such a good job of pleasing fans while still giving them tons of surprises.

Seth is asked about this current roles, and he likes that he gets to explore polar opposite places on different shows. He can be light and confident in one, and totally dark and twisted in the other. He says every time he's had a depressing moment on The Walking Dead, he's had a great fight scene on Teen Wolf.

Brandon asks Jason about Tobin and Carol's relationship. He says they crossed paths at a specific time, but he understands she had issues to work out for herself. He respects that about her, so he doesn't spend a ton of time worrying about where she is.

Michael responds to fan question, talking about how fun the fight scenes are, even when you're getting beaten up. You're optimistic at first, but they have a much bigger appreciation for the stunt guys when it's over. Jason agrees that it's just as fun. Tobin hasn't gotten to fight that much, except for the tower scene.

He elaborates on that scene, saying you only get one chance at a scene that big.

A fan asks Seth about his favorite episode to film, and he says it was the first one that he did. Back when they were in the water-logged food pantry. It was difficult, and scary, trying to run in water. We got right into the heart of Gabriel's struggles, so it was a lot of fun.

A fan asks Austin if Dwight is afraid of Negan. He says he is at time, because he's a monster. If Rick could be afraid of the guy, anyone could. He thinks Dwight and Maggie hate Daryl equally at this point.

A fan asks Tyler if Noah would have been a brother if Noah lasted longer. he says he knew he was getting killed when they started acting like family. "Symbolism is everything' he says. They would have clicked off because they were close in age.
Amelio says he likes the way the writers play with time, and how it always catches you off guard. Tyler says it's hard to remember Noah was only around for three weeks, but it seemed likes much longer.

Austin says Dwight hops back and forth between being under the thumb of Negan and-Seth cuts him off saying he needs to be careful. They joke that his character will die tonight. They all say how much better is not having to keep such a big secret anymore.

A fan asks about his favorite memes from the series. Amelio jokes about the pictures of Eugene biting his crotch.

Tyler says filing his death scene with Nicholas was actually really fun. It sounds twisted but they felt like they accomplished something. Michael really brought it, knowing that he was going to be hated for it. The writing was also great, and it will affect his career going forward. Michael comments that he loves the community that was built on this set. He felt all his friends were there when he died, and that was special.

Michael says it takes a very long time for people to get over the fact that he almost killed Glenn.

Birthday cupcakes are brought out for Seth and Noah, and the audience sang to them.

Tyler says Noah was devastated by Beth's death. He said Noah felt, that day, if anyone else was going to die soon it should be him. He didn't think those people should have to go through all of that. Her death helped him, so he owed a debt to the group.

Brandon asks if they read scripts of episodes they aren't in. Seth says no, so he can still have a fan experience watching those episodes.
Austin comments that Simon is an idiot. He loves Steven Ogg, but Simon is just an idiot.

Seth says that Glenn's last words were foreshadowing their afterlife, and that they belong together in any place.

A fan asks who will be the moral compass now that Glenn is gone. Seth says it's divided between everyone because they're all going through their own arcs. "Each character is faced with the lack of moral fiber that the world demands they use."

Having all of these stories is more compelling than giving them all to one person.

A fan asks about Dwight following in Daryl's path, taking all of his things. Amelio says it's great, and Daryl may never get it back.

A young boy asks the panel what the scariest scene is on the show. The guys hesitate for a moment.

Nichols says it was't scary, but Tyreese's death was horrifying when you had to wait to see what happened.

Seth says Carol and T-Dog's chase scenes in the prison were very scary to watch.


Noah comments that the twister scene with the barn was terrifying.

The panel wraps.