'The Walking Dead' Celebrating 15 Years with 15 Variants

To celebrate 15 year of The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound will release 15 variant issues of the comic.

Issue #175 will be The Walking Dead's first book in 2018. The series created by Robert Kirkman first published in 2003. In honor of the milestone, the publishers recruited Eisner Award-winning comic legend Bill Sienkiewicz to design the covers.

Issue #175 will feature the first variant cover, with Rick Grimes front and center. As it turns out, this issue will also launch the New World Order storyline. Check it out below!

TWD Sienkiewicz

Issue #176, which follows #175 by releasing on February 7, will feature Michonne on its cover. Check it out below!

TWD Sienkiewicz2

The official announcement of the variant covers from Skybound also promises these will hardly be the only celebration for The Walking Dead's 15-year milestone. As for whether or not these variant covers will spill over into the first three months of 2019 is still unknown.


"For now, you can drool over this awesome artwork and look forward to MUCH more 15th Anniversary news and specials in the coming months. 2018 is about to be an amazing year to be a Walking Dead fan," the announcement says.

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