Watch 'The Walking Dead' Stars Do Negan Impressions

The cast of The Walking Dead assembled at San Diego Comic-Con to... do impressions of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan?

While visiting IGN's studio, the show's biggest stars were asked to read lines of dialogue which made their way into the AMC show in its recent seasons. Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Danai Gurira were all up for the challenge with Negan himself being the judge. Reedus went first, even getting so into the character that he had to stand up to properly act it out.

Lincoln's script was such a mouthful, he could barely get halfway through. Gurira, on the other hand, took ride in getting into character and commanded the floor for lines from Negan's return to the Sanctuary from a scene in Season Eight. Watch all of the impressions, thanks to IGN host Terri Schwartz's prompting, in the video above!

Heading into Season Nine, Negan's dialogue might be changed up a bit as he is now a prisoner of Rick Grimes and no longer running the show with his menacing army.

"There's been a flip flop, obviously," Morgan told "Rick Grimes is maybe enjoying his Negan time more than ever. It's been a lot of fun. When we came back to work this year, we ended last year with the throat slash. To get back in this position and to see Andy really digging in and having a good time with the Rick Grimes of it all, and me being on the other side of these bars, it's fun. I had a great time just watching him do his thing."


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