The Walking Dead Season 10 Will Examine Michonne’s Legacy with Danai Gurira Exit

The Walking Dead will soon lose leading lady Danai Gurira, but Michonne will leave behind a legacy [...]

The Walking Dead will soon lose leading lady Danai Gurira, but Michonne will leave behind a legacy of leadership when Gurira exits in Season 10.

"We love Danai. We're so happy for her and the incredible moment in her life and her career that she's having, both in terms of writing and acting," The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang told THR, citing Gurira's turns in such blockbuster hits as Black Panther and Avengers: Endgame.

"We're hoping to treat fans to a lot of very cool, meaty stories for Michonne. We have seen her character go through an evolution this year. We want to continue having her reflect on the ways to handle leadership in this world. What legacy is she going to leave behind for the other leaders and for her family?

"Michonne started off as such an isolated individual. She's become someone who has had a giant impact on the other people in the Walking Dead story. That's a story we're continuing to build as we speak. I'm thrilled we get to continue to work with Danai next year, because she's been an amazing part of the show, and such a rock for our group."

Kang is playing Michonne's exit from the series close to the vest, but has promised Gurira and her katana-wielding warrior mother-of-two still plays a significant part of Season 10 despite her coming reduced role.

"We've kind of known that she would have a reduced role this coming season. We're excited to tell a nice, meaty story with her for Season 10 regardless, I can tell you," Kang previously told Deadline.

"I'm also so thrilled with all the great attention she's gotten for the work she's done on the show this year. Danai is not only an amazing athlete and warrior on the show, but she's such an incredible dramatic actress too in my opinion."

Also on the way is "another one of these giant Michonne episodes, which I'm really excited about," Kang teased, pointing to the Michonne-led 914, "Scars," which explored Michonne and Daryl's (Norman Reedus) joint trauma caused by an encounter with an old friend-turned-foe.

Like Rick Grimes star Andrew Lincoln, who was the first star of the television show to depart in favor of a spot in the coming movie side of the franchise, Gurira is expected to transition into the movies. Speculation points to Michonne somehow catching word Rick is alive — and not blown to bits, as has been mostly believed for six years — and embarking on a trek to reunite with the father of her children, making the Grimes clan whole again.

The Walking Dead Season 10 is due out this fall on AMC.


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