The Walking Dead: Eugene Brings Out Iron Maiden Song

The Walking Dead, over the years, has brought out the pipes of its cast members for some in-universe songs. Most memorably for many was Beth actress Emily Kinney singing outside of the prison, a scene which was used for the trailer of The Walking Dead's third season. In Sunday night's Episode 10x11, titled "Morning Star," it was Josh McDermitt's turn to sing on camera and for the millions of people watching at home. While talking to Stephanie over the radio, McDermitt's Dr. Eugene Porter started to sing Iron Maiden's "When The Wind Blows" song as a means to build the relationship.

It is rare for The Walking Dead to incorporate music with lyrics to the series, moreover for the characters to be singing it themselves. Other songs used on the show include The Collapsable Hearts Club's "Easy Street" from the show's seventh season and Lucero's "Last Pale Light in the West" to showcase flashbacks of the Governor as Woodbury burnt down.

On Sunday night, Eugene belted out the lyrics into his radio, "Have you heard what they said on the news today, have you heard what is coming to us all? That the world as we know it will be coming to an end, have you heard, have you heard?" Of course, this might have been an ominous tease of what's to come as many of the characters are at risk with the Whisperer War launching into full swing during Sunday night's Episode 10x11.

The moment was different from the story in The Walking Dead comics, although Stephanie did get spooked from talking to Eugene temporarily after Siddiq found the radio and communicated with her which was against Stephanie's rules. As the story goes in the comics, a group will set out and head north to meet with her and eventually find the Commonwealth community. While the TV series has set a meeting spot in West Virginia, the group originally met with Stephanie in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the source material.

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