'The Walking Dead' Didn't Tell Seth Gilliam The Love Interest

The Walking Dead stars aren't lying when they say they are the last to find out about storylines coming up for their characters.

In the case of Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam, the knowledge of his character having formed a romantic relationship with Christian Serratos' Rosita wasn't given to him until he read a script. No one called, no one texted. They just gave him a script!

“[Director-producer] Greg Nicotero actually said something — Christian and I were doing an event in Europe, and he said, ‘You two should get to know each other,’” Gilliam said on Talking Dead on Sunday night.

At the time of the cryptic tease from Nicotero, Gilliam was in the midst of production calling for a love story between Gabriel and Pollyanna McIntosh's Jadis. “I was like, ‘What? What does that mean? That’s kind of cryptic,'" Gilliam said. "And then when I spoke to [showrunner] Angela Kang about what was gonna happen for Gabriel during the season, she mentioned there was going to be a love interest, and it turned out she talked about Jadis the whole time, Jadis-slash-Anne. And she never mentioned Rosita. So I didn’t really know that that was happening until I got the script.”

In fact, new showrunner Angela Kang allowed the cast members to have a bit of input on the storyline which is currently seeing Rosita handle a pregnancy with three men in love with her.

“I had a conversation with Angela and she was really forthcoming about what was going to happen during the entire season, I got a lot of cool information,” Serratos said of the Gabriel and Rosita romance. “And then she asked me, she goes, ‘We’re considering touching on that storyline from the comic book, we’re talking about a few people, who do you think it could be? What do you think?’ And I was really excited to get to kind of contribute, and [Seth’s] name was brought up, and I go, ‘That’s really interesting.’”


Long story short, the next time one of The Walking Dead's cast members say in an interview that they don't know what's coming or they are the last to find it, we might want to believe them!

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