'The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shares Photo Of His New Baby Girl

Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed off a photo of his new baby girl on Live with Kelly and Ryan.Morgan's [...]

Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed off a photo of his new baby girl on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Morgan's new daughter is closing in on her first birthday and has been kept from the spotlight for the most part as Morgan continues to star on The Walking Dead and adopt new family members on his farm. "I have a new baby, yeah," Morgan said. "She is nine months, I think today. George. George, that's her. I gotta tell you, little girls, for dads that's a thing."

You can see the photo of Morgan and his little one in the video above.

"[Little girls] have a way," Morgan said. "She's got me wrapped around her finger so bad! I've already promised ponies and pink Cadillacs and the whole deal. I'll never be able to say no to her. She's already collecting. We went and say Mary Poppins last night. So, we went with my wife and Gus and I, my son who is eight. Then, we got back to the hotel pretty late, and I knew I had to get up early for today but George wanted to party. She always gets second wind about 10 pm. She's all about 'Dada.' That's all she says. Poor Hilary, works her ass off, does everything for this child, and all she'll say is 'Dada,' and it makes me so happy. But she wanted to play last night so dad was up late and then up real early."

Morgan is currently enjoying a good bit of family time as production of The Walking Dead is on hiatus until Season 10 picks up again in late April or early May of 2019. He joined the AMC series in its season six finale and has been a staple since. Previously, he was best known for roles in Supernatural, Watchmen, and Grey's Anatomy.

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