'The Walking Dead': Maggie's Baby Has Finally Arrived

Based on The Walking Dead Season Nine's first official look, it seems like a safe bet that Maggie has finally had her baby.

After being revealed as pregnant in Season Six premiere in October of 2015, Maggie only endured a few weeks of the apocalypse through Season Six, Season Seven, and Season Eight. Now, in the aftermath of the war with Negan, it looks like enough time has passed between Season Eight and Season Nine for the baby to have been introduced to the world.

Check out the key art below.


There are a few telling details regarding the timeline with the photo above. First of all, Rick's beard is back in full swing, and he took a minute to get a hair cut.

In the Season Eight finale, Maggie still had her shorter haircut. This time around, her hair is down to her neck and shoulders.

These things wouldn't necessarily take six months but it's a show of time moving forward a significant amount. In that time, Maggie would be quite visibly pregnant if the baby had not been born yet. When you pair the growth of Rick's beard and Maggie's hair with the fact that the baby bump is not existent, it means Maggie's baby has arrived.


In The Walking Dead comics, Maggie has her baby during a time jump which is never explored. Off-pages, little Hershel is introduced to the world and first appears following the post-All Out War time jump. The Walking Dead Season Nine appears to be following such a time jump.

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