Michael Cudlitz Prepping For The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode

The Walking Dead is continuing to keep it in the family for Season 10, as Abraham Ford actor [...]

The Walking Dead is continuing to keep it in the family for Season 10, as Abraham Ford actor Michael Cudlitz is gearing up for another return to the AMC series in behind-the-camera fashion. Cudlitz made his directorial debut on television with the show's ninth season. Now, he will be in charge of Episode 10x02 or Episode 10x03, given the show's production resuming earlier this month.

Cudlitz took to Twitter to share the news regarding his efforts as a director starting up again. It was already known he would direct another episode this year. "Headed to [Atlanta] to direct my second episode of [The Walking Dead] tomorrow," Cudlitz said. "Could not be more excited."

Check out the tweet from Cudlitz below.

Cudlitz previouslty directed Episode 9x07, titled, "Stradivarius," which allowed him to team up with a couple of actors he worked closely with while during his character's tenure: Christian Serratos and Josh McDermitt. Of course, the show's heavy embracing of its ensemble nature in Season 9 also allowed Cudlitz to direct a handful of other cast members in his debut.

While he will have been behind the camera for a pair of episodes, fans may also expect to see Cudlitz reprise his role as Abraham Ford in one of the Walking Dead spinoff films which is being developed at AMC. Cudlitz may be seen returning for an outing with a fan-favorite character from Fear the Walking Dead in a story which takes place prior to his character's arrival in The Walking Dead Season 4. A time table for this movie or any other Walking Dead movies has not yet been revealed.

"The show has sort of laid out in its history is through flashbacks and origin stories There's still characters on the show that were very close with Abraham that he had history with," Cudlitz said on Strahan and Sara. "We could very easily go back."

However, Cudlitz went into further detail, teasing more specifically how fans can expect to see him in the role of Abraham Ford, once again. "They're also doing other movies that are gonna move in time, go back in time, go forward in time, and I believe pair up characters that weren't necessarily paired up in the graphic novels," Cudlitz said. While he was certainly (and probably contractually) beating around any definitive reveal, the actor offered one vague but encouraging conclusion: "A strong, subtle yes. Very, very possible."

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