The Walking Dead Pays Tribute To The Wire In Next Episode

While The Walking Dead has brought violence to mainstream television during its seven year run on [...]

While The Walking Dead has brought violence to mainstream television during its seven year run on AMC, it was a 2001 HBO series that revolutionized dramatic TV violence. Had it not been for this series, shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Sons Of Anarchy never would have had a chance.

The Wire ran for five seasons on HBO, and had a major influence on the modern trend of compelling and violent anti-heroes on TV. The series followed poilce and drug dealers on the streets of Baltimore, and was highly acclaimed for its realistic look at the drug culture of the United States.

While many characters on the show were revered for their memorability, one man stood out among the rest. Omar Little, played by Michael K. Williams, was easily the most iconic character of the series.

In a clip from the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead, Michonne is seen paying an obvious omage to the famous gangster.

As she walks down an empty street, following Negan's trail back to Sanctuary, she is whistling a familiar tune. The song is "Farmer In The Dell", the same song that Omar would whistle to signify his appearance on a block.

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When Omar would show up on a crowded street, everyone else would scatter. He would whistle the same tune, and walking in the middle of the street. Michonne is doing the exact same thing in this clip. Not only is she drawing out walkers to kill, but she is letting Negan know she is coming, even if it's only in a symbolic manner.

This isn't the only connection The Walking Dead has to The Wire, as many actors have appeared on both series'. Walking Dead stars Seth Gilliam (Gabriel), Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese), and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Bob) all broke into mainstream television with roles on The Wire.


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