The Walking Dead: Scott Gimple On Morgan Referencing The Whisperers In Season 3

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead comics, as well as the show, then you know more than the average viewer about what could come next.

If you're not a comic-reader, chances are you don't know about The Whisperers. Let's take a paragraph to change that.

The Whisperers are a group of people that believe the infection was a way of reverting people to their animalistic nature. They have thrown away most rules, and are run by one 'Alpha'. The craziest thing about these people, is that they dress as walkers so they can move around with the hordes. Yes, you read that correctly, The Whisperers wear dead zombie-skin.

It's as disgusting as it sounds.

Now, moving on.

This unique and disgusting group of villains arrives in the comics long after the war between Rick and Negan ends. When they do finally arrive, however, they have an immediate impact. Many fans have wondered if The Whisperers will be debuting on the show soon, and Scott Gimple told that it may happen sooner, rather than later.

Fans who have watched back through the show, after The Whisperers made their debut in the comics, noticed a strange coincidence that seemed to tie the two together.

The 12th episode of season three is titled 'Clear', and it sees Rick find Morgan in a very broken state. The man has gone crazy after losing his son, and he is holed up in a fortified tower. When Rick tries to ask Morgan if he remembers him, the man's response is totally shocking. It sounds like pure nonsense, but only if you don't know about The Whisperers.

Shouting, Morgan tells Rick, "People wearing dead people's faces!"

(Photo: AMC)

It meant nothing at the time, but many believe that this meant Morgan had already run into The Whisperers. If so, it definitely added to his spiral into insanity.

In an exclusive interview with's Walking Dead Insider, Brandon Davis, showrunner Scott Gimple revealed that this line was totally accidental. Since the episode aired a while before The Whisperers debuted in the comic, he had no way of knowing they would arrive.

"That definitely predated my knowledge of the Whisperers, because they were not at all in the book yet," Gimple said. "Maybe that could wind up being a reference."

Even though the drop wasn't intentional, it could still find its way around full circle. For all anyone knows, maybe this line influenced the idea of The Whisperers in the first place.

Morgan could have just been a crazy man, spouting off nonsense. Maybe Robert Kirkman was watching this episode during production and thought of a brilliant idea.

Either way, The Whisperers are a dangerous group that will be an incredible addition to an alread stellar show.



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