The Walking Dead Teases a Rosita and Eugene Kiss in Season 10B

The Walking Dead Season 10B trailer is flirting with a romantic encounter between Rosita [...]

The Walking Dead Season 10B trailer is flirting with a romantic encounter between Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) when the season returns in 2020. Eugene has long hoped to be rezoned into love town, but Rosita seemingly shut that shit down in 10x03, "Ghosts," when she told him a Eusita romance was "never going to happen." But now, still reeling from the death of baby daddy Siddiq (Avi Nash), and fresh off a terse encounter with boyfriend Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) in 10x08, "The World Before," is the door open for the "love quadrangle" — now a standard love triangle — to come down to two?

"Josh McDermitt does a great job playing this. He has to realize that he's been a little clueless. She's been pretty like forthright and been pretty clear: This is a friendship, man," showrunner Angela Kang previously told EW. "I mean, he was peeking on her and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) when they were getting down, and he tries to catch a little look while she's breastfeeding a baby in the first episode. He's been carrying this torch. He's tried to declare his love to her many times and every time she's kind of like run away from it."

But Rosita's latest rejection pushed Eugene to taking up residency at Hilltop. Eugene says it's only temporary — and he's forced to stick around in case his radio contact (voice of Margot Bingham) calls back — but Rosita noticed when a flustered Eugene slipped up and called Hilltop "home."

"She just felt pushed to a point where she had to make it as blunt as possible so he would understand it, and I think that there's comedy that they were able to mine from that, but I also really liked the true pain of having to hear that from somebody," Kang continued. "You see Eugene break, and I think Josh plays the moment so, so wonderfully. The two of them are so good together, and this is what was needed in order for Eugene to kind of figure out what's next or if something is next. It's like that love quadrangle was never going to stand in one place. Something had to shift. He was just too much in their business."

Rosita was also shown noticeably disappointed earlier this season when she missed a "radio date" with Eugene when laid up with illness. Does Eusita have a shot at becoming real?

"Well, you never know," Kang said. "I mean, the story goes in directions that the story goes, but we felt like it had kind of organically gotten to that place, and he has been infatuated with her for so long, but like, man, how long can you keep that going if she's just not interested? And in this episode where everybody is just at the brink of exhaustion and stress and everything, that felt like kind of like the right time to show side effects other than just all this stuff happening with the Whisperers. There's always a personal aspect to all of that too."

Eugene just might find himself at the center of a new love triangle — this time with Rosita and his radio contact. The Walking Dead Season 10 resumes February 23.