'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Finale Sneak Peek Released

AMC has released the first sneak peek from The Walking Dead season 8 finale, "Wrath."

"There's my bullet maker," a swagger-filled and cocky Negan says, gliding over to a black-clad Eugene.

"Attaché in tow and order fulfilled PDQ, as promised," says Eugene, who was freshly appointed to overseer of the bullet making factory outpost. "Every munition personally quality-controlled by yours truly. Sleep be damned and efforts be tripled, the deed is done."

Eugene hands Negan a pistol.

"Take yourself a tester."

Negan hands Lucille to Eugene. Chuckles. Aims.

His target is a stack of hay with a white t-shirt reading "Rick."

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Negan is mildly impressed.

"Regina laid out the plan for you, right?"

"That's why I requested the ride-along," Eugene answers in the affirmative. "Depending on the terrain and timing, the pump and priming, I believe we should attempt a one-fell-swooper. A firing line that would minimize chaos opportunity and alpha-to-omega this thing in less than 10."


"Are you sure that's something you want to see?" Negan asks.

"More of a 'need to' thing," Eugene says.

Negan is shepherding Rick and his people into an ambush, where the plan is to annihilate the AHK rebels once and for all.

Savior informer Dwight was tricked into getting the map to Rick, who is unknowingly leading his people towards their supposed slaughter.

The two-faced former Savior now finds himself sporting the Sanctuary's famous prison garb in the exciting preview for the action-packed season finale, which brings a close to All Out War between the AHK alliance and the Saviors.

Also a prisoner of the Sanctuary is Eugene's old Alexandrian ally Father Gabriel, who can be spotted being held at gun point by an angry Eugene in the preview.

After escaping capture at the hands of his old friends — and just narrowly avoiding being sprayed with bullets fired by a pissed off Rosita — Eugene has prepped himself for what he calls the greatest moment in Savior history.


Has Eugene fully embraced the dark side, even at the cost of the total eradication of the only people who ever cared about him? Or will Eugene somehow find redemption in this last stand against the Saviors?

The Walking Dead airs its extended season 8 finale Sunday, April 15 at 9/8c.