The Walking Dead Spoilers: Speculation of Rick's Death Gains Steam

The Walking Dead issue #192 is going to be so full of spoilers that it cannot release a preview [...]

The Walking Dead issue #192 is going to be so full of spoilers that it cannot release a preview from the upcoming pages. On the heels of Rick Grimes being shot in the chest on the final pages of its predecessor, this is largely expected to be the final set of pages in which the series' lead character remains alive. The book is titled "Aftermath," which is ominous considering Rick is bleeding out in his bedroom with no one around and his death appears to be imminent.

"Too many spoilers for this month's preview," The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard wrote in a tweet. Typically, Adlard reveals a few panels from the upcoming issues of Robert Kirkman's comic about a week ahead of their respective releases. This time around, the image Adlard tweeted is quite the opposite.

Check out Adlard's tweet with The Walking Dead issue #192's promo below.

The Walking Dead issue #192 will be the final issue of the series' Compendium #4.

Through a brilliant speech and dodging of battle, Rick Grimes showed off how far he has come in the apocalypse during the events of issue #191. A happy ending was not on the horizon, though. What was once a storyline which would have ended in bloodshed and action sequences became a compelling speech from the post-apocalyptic world's best leader. Even if it was a little on the nose, Rick went so far as to contradict an iconic moment from earlier in the books, rising above his people and those of the Commonwealth to say, "We are not the walking dead!"

And then, Robert Kirkman went ahead and did what Robert Kirkman often does: placed a shocking cliffhanger on the final few pages of an issue. Often, these cliffhangers pay off in rewarding ways in the next issue. Sometimes, they end up being the opposite of what they seem to be setting up. This time, it seems to be a moment which could actually kill The Walking Dead and its Rick Grimes character.

In the final pages of The Walking Dead #191, governor Pamela Milton's son Sebastian shot Rick Grimes in the heart -- or chest -- but close enough to the heart for there to be some significant reason to fear for the character's life.

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The Walking Dead issue #192 is available in comic book shops on June 5.