‘The Walking Dead’ Star May Have Accidentally Revealed Gender of Rosita’s Baby

The Walking Dead star Avi Nash, who plays Siddiq, might have let slip the pregnant Rosita (Christian Serratos) is carrying a son.

Appearing at Walker Stalker Con London with co-stars Ross Marquand, Seth Gilliam, and Josh McDermitt, Nash and cast mates were asked to envision their characters’ deaths, prompting Gilliam to offer a “peaceful, quiet death in his sleep” for Father Gabriel at the age of 94.

“I would like my son to come into Father Gabriel’s room,” Nash started, prompting the audience to shout “spoilers” when he appeared to give away the undeclared sex of the unborn child.

“Well, I don’t know, who knows,” Nash said. “My son, son or daughter, or you know, whatever they want to be.” Marquand, who put into motion a running joke about Daryl (Norman Reedus) dying in the Season Nine finale, said not so seriously, “Spoiler.”

“That’s just, you know... that’s an Arab-Muslim doctor speaking, he wants to have a son,” Nash explained. “And say goodbye to Father Gabriel, then come say goodbye to me, because I’ll be dying at the same time of a broken heart. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.”

Rosita’s pregnancy was revealed in February’s mid-season Nine premiere, when it was learned Rosita became pregnant with Siddiq’s child before pairing romantically with Father Gabriel.

Now Rosita, Gabriel, Siddiq, and Eugene are entangled in what showrunner Angela Kang has dubbed a “love quadrangle” — a term embraced by a trolling Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who pressed buttons when referring to Siddiq as “Dr. Baby Daddy” and to Gabriel as “Father Not-the-Father.”

“It’s a mess, and we call it the love quadrangle because we had to make things difficult for ourselves and add another part to this triangle. ... So yeah, that’s definitely part of the story, that we’re playing with these four characters and how they navigate these murky waters,” Kang previously told EW.

“It’s based on some stuff from the comic, but we put our own twist on it. We just thought it was really interesting from a human perspective as they get deeper, and people think about family, and what happens if there’s a pregnancy? What happens when these relationships end? We just wanted to explore that with them.”

Kang previously confirmed The Walking Dead will undergo another time jump going into Season Ten, making it possible Rosita will have already given birth to her child by the time of the next season opener. Rosita’s motherhood is one story queued up for the coming season, following a Rosita who has now outlived her comic book counterpart.

“One of the reasons that I was really happy Rosita didn’t end up on a spike is that she’s pregnant,” said executive producer Denise Huth. “That’s a huge element, that she’s in this relationship with Father Gabriel and has this great friendship with Siddiq and Eugene. It is an interesting dynamic to see how that plays out. That’s a very modern post-apocalyptic family, I guess.”

Rosita has “always been really strong and somewhat independent,” Huth added, “and to be responsible for somebody else’s life, a life that is as vulnerable as a child, it will be very interesting for her. It will change her in a lot of ways. I’m really excited to see how we’re going to play that out.”

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with its tenth season this fall.



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