'The Walking Dead' Star Explains How She Became A Head On A Pike

Becoming a head on a pike in The Walking Dead's recent shocking episode was no easy process. The [...]

Becoming a head on a pike in The Walking Dead's recent shocking episode was no easy process. The cast members whose characters were killed by the Whisperers had to endure a thorough make-up and prosthetic process in order for their characters to appear on the pikes. The process was explained on Talking Dead following the episode.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x15 follow. Major spoilers!

Among the ten characters killed by the Whisperers in Episode 9x15 was Tammy Rose, a character portrayed by Brett Butler. In fact, Tammy was the only character to be killed in both the AMC series and Robert Kirkman's comic series. While appearing on Talking Dead after the episode aired, Butler opened up about the process of becoming a bodiless walker head on a pike.

"It wasn't as long as I was in make-up today," Butler joked.. "You had to go in and first they put this slime on you. You don't complain. When they put the plaster on you and it starts to press and then you feel like a little bit of a baby, but the guy in the room could be a therapist really. I was going, 'Does anybody else freak out?' He said, 'Yes, one guy got up and ran his head into the wall.' It was Leonardo DiCaprio! He told me that, anyway. I wish that happened to me when I was younger because you don't wanna see it when you're sixty."

The death of Tammy did not exactly come us a surprise to Butler, who received the infamous phone call from the showrunner which many cast members fear. In this case, Butler heard from Season Nine showrunner Angela Kang in regards to her exit.

"She's really nice and that's not fake. She called and says, 'Hi, it's Angela, what are you doing?'" Butler explained. "I said, 'I know I die!' She said, 'How do you know that?' I said, 'I'm signed for six episodes and people don't pack a bag on The Walking Dead!'" She told me how it would end and she's just really nice. I was signed originally to do one show and I got to do six. So, I'm really happy about that."

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