Tara's Fate Revealed In 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead revealed Tara's fate after a bit of a cliffhanger one week prior.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x14 follow!

After being shot with an arrow by Dwight in Episode 8x13's battle at the Hilltop, the community expected Tara would succumb to the walker virus as much of the community's wounded had. Tara, however, has now gone an entire day without showing a single symptom of the walker infection. It is proof that Dwight actually saved her life by shooting her with a clean arrow, rather than allowing Simon to attack her with an ax covered in muck from a walker.

The entire fiasco is a page from The Walking Dead comics.

In Part Two of the All Out War saga in Robert Kirkman's comics, Negan is hiding out with Dwight during an attack when they get a clear shot at Rick Grimes. The villain orders Dwight to take the shot, ensuring the Alexandrian leader's death by walker virus even if the arrow itself doesn't do the job. Dwight does take the shot, however, he uses a clean arrow when he shoots Rick in the back.


After the community realizes the weapons were covered with walker muck and anybody struck by them will ultimately turn, they briefly believe Rick is going to be next in line to die. Rick, however, never dies. When Negan shows up next, he is shocked to see the leader has survived.

The real point being proven here, despite the character swap deviations, is that Dwight has now saved Tara's life on two separate occasions and is, in fact, loyal to Rick's group rather than Negan's.


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