The Walking Dead: The Alien Shows Never Before Seen Parts Of World


The Walking Dead comic series has never explored the world beyond the paths of Rick Grimes and his immediate friends or foes. Never have we seen the world of The Walking Dead outside of the Georgia and Alexandria areas. Until now.

In a one-shot comic, greenlit but not written by the series creator Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin teamed up to create a story in a part of the world we have never seen in the comics (or on TV) before: Barcelona.

Barcelona, the home to the one-shot's artist Marcos Martin, is in just as bad of shape as the U.S. was when The Walking Dead began. The undead are everywhere looking for a bite. Much like in America, the survivors in Europe believe there may be a cure across the sea.

The characters on The Alien have never been featured in The Walking Dead comics or TV show but rights to Jeff and Claudia belong to Robert Kirkman. Should he choose to have them overlap, he can.

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Though The Alien is one-shot issue, The Walking Dead comics print monthly.