Finally, A Timeline For The Walking Dead is Revealed

The Walking Dead has been a bit confusing for some viewers in terms of its timeline. Time jumps [...]

The Walking Dead has been a bit confusing for some viewers in terms of its timeline. Time jumps and aging young actors have left some confused as to when the show is taking place in relation to previous events within the series and since the initial outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. Now, one clean graphic does an impressive job of showing just how much time passes between each major event of the series.

This is not an official image from The Walking Dead or AMC but a fan made image which actually seems to make more sense than any explanation from the series itself. It starts with Day 1, the day which Rick spends in the hospital recovering from a gunshot, then moves to Day 59 of the apocalypse which is when Rick woke up from his coma.

Check out the full graphic organizing The Walking Dead's timeline below.

I made this to bring more clarity to the timeline of the walking dead, for me, and you. from r/thewalkingdead

Perhaps the most interesting fact from this is the lack of time between the fall of the prison and the end of the war with Negan. While this story played out across four years on television, the moments were only about four months apart on the AMC series. The biggest issue here is Carl's age as Chandler Riggs grew up much faster than his character.

Day 1 - The Outbreak

Day 59 - Rick wakes up in the hospital

Day 64 - The group arrives at the CDC

Dad 83 - Hershel's farm goes down

Day 300 - The group finds the prison

Day 500 ~ The prison falls

Day 546 - Rick goes nuts in Alexandria

Day 552 - Zombie horde invades Alexandria

Day 598 - Negan kills Glenn and Abraham

Day 610 - Shiva saves Carl from Negan

Day 628 - Rick defeats Negan

Day 1207 - Rick flies off in a helicopter

Day 3500 ~ The group lives in the aftermath of the pikes sequence

It seems a bit hard to believe that so many years into the apocalypse and people are still violently killing each other and the groups have not developed any sort of firm government or technology. At least they have radios going again!

What do you think of the timeline put together by this Walking Dead fan? Is it accurate? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter!

The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season on October 6.