The Walking Dead: Was The Season 7 Premiere Too Violent?

So The Walking Dead season 7 premiere went to the edge and then bulldozed the fence, and some with Negan's long-awaited kill scene. We saw Abraham get Lucille's first round of mayhem right over the head. He then pulled a classic Abraham and popped off some last words: "suck my nuts." We then saw Daryl lose it and piss Negan off enough to the point where he decided to hit a couple home runs over Glenn's head - enough to get that famous eyeball bulging out. But with all of these, did the show take it too far? From the various swings, brains, and (almost) family amputations, this episode, hands down, was the most gruesome of them all. No questions asked.

TWD Negan Comics

The Walking Dead has made a history of insane build ups, but this season's premiere took both the buildups and the payoffs to a whole new level of pure hell. It was brutal. Never have we seen an episode continue to raise the ante to the point of where I felt I was in a Math class I didn't understand and was getting yelled at by my terrifying teacher Negan. But the brutal violence that we saw in this episode represented a new era of The Walking Dead.

Welcome to a brand new beginning you sorry shits!

It's time for for all viewers to recalibrate their expectations of this show. Listen, we've all talked trash about this show, but with the violence we get from Negan, we see what Gimple, Nicotero, and crew are trying to convey to us. That message? A new birth of evil through pure carnage.

So, was the show really too violent? Yes, it was. But it was needed. This episode lived up to the expectation set by The Walking Dead team, and then it stomped on that and raised its own stakes. Negan has officially launched the New World Order with the brains of Abraham and Glenn. We, as viewers, are under Negan's violent, crazy control. We are also going to be built up again through Maggie, Rick, and the crew.

Violence was this show's savior because it was all justified. Both deaths and the scene between Rick and his son were what was needed to get this show to a masterful new level.

Do you think the show was too violent? Did Negan go too far by killing Abraham and Glenn? Leave your answers in the comments below.


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