The Whisperers Leader Alpha First-Look in 'The Walking Dead' Season 9B Key Art

The Walking Dead has a terrifying new villain in town by the name of the Whisperers and they have [...]

The Walking Dead has a terrifying new villain in town by the name of the Whisperers and they have conquered the upcoming episodes' key art.

AMC released a new batch of key art in anticipation of Season 9B, each of which feature the zombie-flesh wearing enemies which made their presence known in the Mid-Season Nine finale. So far, the Whisperers have only claimed Paul "Jesus" Rovia but their future promises to be lethal, especially if the show follows Robert Kirkman's source material from The Walking Dead comics.

Check out some of The Walking Dead Season 9B's key art below.

(Photo: AMC)

"They're a scary group," The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang told in an interview breaking down the Mid-Season Nine finale. "In [Episode 9x08], we reveal that these are humans. They're not like evolved walkers. We really start delving into and showing what the Whisperers' philosophy is when we get back into the new season and they are unlike any group that we've encountered before, just their philosophy to survival is very specific."

The photo below offers the first look at Samantha Morten as Whisperer leader Alpha.

(Photo: AMC)

The Whisperers will be lead by Alpha (played by Samantha Morten) and Beta (played by Ryan Hurst). Neither character has debuted yet but each are set for menacing roles in the upcoming episodes.

"I'm really excited about the cast we have. Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst as Alpha and Beta," Kang said. "I just think they brought so much energy and intensity already to the process, like in such a great way. And I think we get to tell a bit of a story that is sort of a mystery. I think in many ways they're the most formidable group that we've come across because they have the power of zombies behind them. So that's something that I'm really excited for people to see."

(Photo: AMC)

When it was revealed that the walkers weren't evolving but human enemies were, Kang was nothing short of satisfied and excited. "I just feel like the answer was so much more strange and rewarding than I thought it would be," Kang said. "So that's really fun, I think, to delve into. I'm really excited for the people who don't know the story to hopefully see the twists unfold."

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