The Walking Dead: Who Are The Saviors

Fans of The Walking Dead got a taste of the show's new villains, The Saviors, in the last couple of episodes of season six. In season we've been introduced to their leader, whom we now know as Negan. What else do we know about this menacing gang?

Well, for starters, they will be a big part of The Walking Dead going forward. Negan is the villain of the future, and this group of men will follow him to hell and back. As long as he's around, The Saviors won't be far behind.

There isn't anything special about these guys, or any weird thing they all have in common. They don't all bash in heads with baseball bats either. These are all just men who have seen what Negan can do and reacted to it. They are either super afraid of him, or they love the idea of taking the communities by force. No matter how you spin it. these guys have put Negan on a pedestal.

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They also know the kind of harm that can come if you disobey Negan. This type of fear, and the promise of semi-comfortable lives, have kept them worshipping the ground he walks on.

To be honest, The Saviors are like a cult in some ways. They follow their leader, blindly often times, they have a thirst for violence, and their numbers grow by the day. None of The Saviors question where they are of what they should be doing, they just know they're with Negan and that's enough.

The one exception to this rule however, is Dwight.

Dwight has always questioned Negan, and he has a problem with his wife being fond of the leader. He has rebelled in the past, leading to the scar on his face. Even when it seems like Dwight is all in on Negan's plans, he has an agenda of his own.


While Negan may be the biggest strength of The Saviors, he's also their greatest weakness. Unlike other great forces, The Saviors don't believe in the men standing beside them. Their faith in Negan actually puts them in a dangerous spot. If he were to be killed, The Saviors would have no idea what to do. If the man is gone, the group is soon to follow.

The Saviors will have plenty of interesting stories unfold over the course of season seven, and their interactions with the communities will be key moving forward.