New 'Stranger Things' Funko Pops Include Babysitter Steve and the Lovable Bob


We’re still not done detailing all of the best new releases that Funko dropped at Toy Fair this past weekend! The new lineup from Stranger Things definitely makes the cut thanks to adventures in babysitting Steve and the lovable / heroic Bob Newby. You can pre-order the full lineup of standard figures via the following links:

Stranger Things Steve with Sunglasses Pop! Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Bob in Scrubs Pop! Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Hopper with Vines Pop! Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Billy at Halloween Pop! Vinyl Figure
Stranger Things Eleven Elevated Pop! Vinyl Figure

Other notable releases from Funko's Toy Fair lineup included a ton of Disney characters, a new wave from Stephen King’s IT, the first Smallville line, the first Princess Bride line, and some hilarious figures for Deadpool 2. There were also some surprising additions like Mr. Rogers and some highly inappropriate characters from SNL.

If you’re interested in checking out everything that Funko announced for Toy Fair, head on over to our master Funko list. It contains links to pre-order all of the new figures. You might also want to head on over to ThinkGeek, because they have a big sale on over 150 Funko Pop figures going with discounts as high as 70%. The lineup includes gems like:

Funko POP! Black Panther Vinyl Figures - 20% off
Funko POP! Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vinyl Figures - 20% off
Funko POP! Labyrinth Vinyl Figures - 20% off
Funko POP! Emperor's New Groove Vinyl Figures - 20% off
Funko POP! Thor: Ragnarok Vinyl Figures - 30% off
Funko POP! Game of Thrones Vinyl Figures - 20% off
Funko POP! Bob Ross Vinyl Figures - 20% off


You can shop the entire sale right here, but you’ll need to order $75 worth of stuff to avoid shipping charges and make the sale a true value. If you can’t find enough Funko Pop figures to hit the mark, you can always check out the rest of the items that ThinkGeek has for sale. There’s a lot of amazing stuff in there that’s been deeply discounted.

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