'The Tick' Season 2 Trailer Released

Gather around with all of your chums, because the trailer for The Tick's second season has officially arrived!

Amazon Prime has released the new trailer for their fan-favorite superhero series, which you can check out above.

The series has also released a new piece of key art for the new season, which features Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) and Arthur (Griffin Newman) preparing for battle.

the tick season 2 key art
(Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

This will mark the largest batch of episodes yet for the series, after six episode "half seasons" previously debuted in 2017 and 2018.

"I think also just the idea of the growth of Tick and Arthur's relationship, sort of felt like it was playing so well in the first half in action and in supportive relationship, and how they work together." executive producer Barry Josephson previously told ComicBook.com. "The two actors, in that first half of the season, we would look at dailies and look at their work and be on set and think, "This is just great." We felt confident about that playing out too. The interrelationship of the actors and how they worked as an ensemble was great."

"It just felt like our ensemble was functioning and working, and the terror felt great, and Miss Lint, and it was just growing and working." Josephson continued. "Going into the second half of the season was exciting for us. We thought, 'This cast is just clicking.'"

"I think that a lot of it was just the practice allowing for greater and greater flow on that level." series creator Ben Edlund echoed. "The other thing was learning what we could and couldn't do. Learning limitations, pretty important, and that's something we're still engineering. This is so much about engineering."

"I'd say that yeah, first seasons are hell on earth, in a sense." Edlund echoed. "They're designed to ... I mean they're not designed! First seasons, it's the best reaction you can possibly have: someone says, "Make a show," and then you react and then you're done. I'd say that we really did, we learned that we could do it, which was, that was a lot to learn."

The second season of The Tick will debut on Friday, April 5th, on Amazon Prime Video.



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