Cartoon Network Reminds Infinity Train Fans About The Apex Ahead of Season 3

Cartoon Network decided to remind Infinity Train fans about The Apex ahead of Season 3. With the big premiere on HBO Max just a few days away, it was probably a good idea to offer all these refreshers. The series is moving from CN to WarnerMedia's newest streaming platform and that means a ton of new eyes are going to be on the animated series. The Apex are a cult fashioned after the conductor in Season 1 of Infinity Train. Instead of striving to get their numbers down, the band of teens instead wants their numbers to climb as high as possible. As fans of the series know, doing good deeds and working through your trauma makes the numbers on passenger's hands go down, and lets them exit the train.

Well, this season's protagonists will have to tangle with that complicated relationship. For series creator Owen Dennis, he's absolutely happy that Season 3 is coming around now. The fans have been absolutely rabid and that's a huge reason why Infinity Train was given the green light to continue on HBO Max.

"I'm really excited for fans to see Book 3! The story this time is… I don't want to spoil anything, but it's definitely something fans are gonna flip over! When we started working on Infinity Train, I couldn't have imagined where it would take us, but thanks to our loyal and vocal fanbase, we get to continue on this amazing ride," he said

Check out HBO Max's official synopsis for Season 3:

"In Book 3, Grace and Simon are the leaders of the Apex, an anarchic group of kids on a mysterious train. During one of their destructive missions, Grace and Simon get separated from the rest of the Apex and must find their way back. As the duo navigate through the myriad worlds of the train, they meet Hazel, an optimistic young girl, and Tuba, her gentle gorilla companion. Will Grace and Simon find new inspiration in Hazel's innocence, or will the ways of the Apex recruit yet another aboard the train?"


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