Cobra Kai Teasing the Return of Classic Karate Kid Character in Season 3

Netflix recently released a teaser trailer for Cobra Kai, the critically-acclaimed Karate Kid sequel series that was brought over to the streamer from YouTube over the summer. The teaser was mostly a recap of footage from the first two seasons of the show, which will be making their Netflix debut on August 28th, instantly giving the show a much bigger audience than it had before. That said, there was one new scene at the very end of the teaser trailer that wasn't from either of the first two seasons, and teased the arrival of a major Karate Kid movie character.

The final seconds of the teaser, which announce that Season 3 will be released in 2021, show off a scene from The Karate Kid Part II that features Daniel and Mr. Miyagi training in Okinawa, Japan. That footage is followed by a scene from Season 3 that shows Daniel in modern day coming face-to-face with someone from Miyagi's past. The character flips Daniel onto the ground and stabs a sai in the ground next to his face, while teasing that Miyagi kept an important secret from Daniel. The new character's face was never shown, but all signs point to Chozen, the villain from The Karate Kid Part II.

If you recall, the second Karate Kid film took the story back to Mr. Miyagi's hometown in Japan, where the teacher squared off against his childhood rival, Sato. A new rivalry was born, as well, between Daniel and Sato's nephew, Chozen, who turns out to be far more evil than Johnny Lawrence could ever dream of becoming.

karate kid 2 chozen
(Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Chozen spends most of the movie trying to taunt Daniel into fighting, ambushing him with a horde of his buddies, and threatening to literally kill the Karate Kid. Chozen had zero chill, so the attitude of the faceless character in Cobra Kai Season 3 makes sense.

Karate Kid fans would be more than a little excited to see Chozen show up in the new season of Cobra Kai, but he isn't the throwback character that folks have been expecting to see. The Season 2 finale teased the return of Ali, as Johnny's phone lit up with a friend request from his ex-girlfriend in the final moments of the season.


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The first two seasons of Cobra Kai will be released on Netflix on August 28th, with Season 3 set to arrive in 2021.