Cobra Kai Star William Zabka Celebrates Season 4 Filming Wrap

The fourth season of the popular Netflix series Cobra Kai wrapped production last week and now, series star William Zabka has taken to social media to celebrate, sharing a pair of behind-the-scenes photos. "After 3 1/2 months of production, I'm proud to say #CobraKaiSeason4 is officially wrapped! 'Ready???! LET'S BEGIN!'" Zabka wrote in his post on Twitter.

Cobra Kai is one of several series Netflix previously confirmed will be released later this year, their release dates pushed back from this spring due to the effect of COVID-19 lockdowns felt throughout the television and film industry.

“What happened in the first part of this year was that a lot of the projects that we’d hoped to come out earlier did get pushed because of the post-production delays and Covid delays and we think we’ll get back to a much steadier state in the back half of the year," Netflix co-CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said. "Certainly in Q4 where we have the returning seasons of some of our most popular shows like The Witcher and You and Cobra Kai as well as some big tentpole movies that came to market a little slower than we’d hoped like Red Notice and Escape From Spiderhead."

Production on Cobra Kai's fourth season officially got underway in February of this year, and while details of the upcoming season have been kept tightly under wraps, Netflix did reveal that the Season 4 premiere's title will be "Let's Begin", a call back to the reveal of Zabka's Johnny and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) working together at the very end of Season 3.


"You've seen Johnny and Daniel interact for a few seasons now and a movie wave way, way, way back when, and you've seen glimpses of them being able to get along and be on the same page and you've seen them throw fists on a dime," series executive producer and co-creator Jon Hurwitz previously told "So anything is possible with the two of them together. They're united against the common enemy right now. And their intentions are all positive with what they want to do, but let's see what it's like for these two guys working together with the same goal, with their different approaches. Can they join forces in a way that is going to be productive and smooth sailing, or will there be bumps in the road? And that's what people are going to have to look forward to during season four."

All three seasons of Cobra Kai are currently streaming on Netflix.