The Invisible Girl Series in the Works for Disney+

Disney+ has a series in the works based on The Invisible Girl. Variety reports that Beta film has partnered with Morena Films to bring the show to DIsney+ in Spain. The Invisible Girl is a part of a trilogy of wildly popular Young Adult literature novels. Blue Jeans writes the stories and they will be adapted into an eight-hour series. Filming begins in Carmona Spain and will head to other locations around the country. On tap to star in The Invisible Girl are Daniel Grao and Zoe Stein. Both father and daughter will have to solve the murder of a teenage girl in a small town called Cardena. Everyone living there is a a suspect in this crime.

"'The Invisible Girl' will surprise both fans of the novel and those who do not know the story yet. The young-adult thriller is mysterious and exciting with a sensational cast and a purely cinematic look," Morena Films executive producer Pedro Uriol said. "Father and daughter need to overcome their differences to solve a murder case that has shaken the peaceful lives of the inhabitants of Cárdena'; it is a character-driven story which will captivate viewers visually and emotionally."

"With its extremely powerful IP and talented creatives, 'The Invisible Girl' is a project that caught our attention since the very beginning. This mystery thriller series is enhanced by its true-to-life characters," Beta VP of sales and acquisitions Andreas Khevenhüller-Metsch added. "Set in the visually stunning South of Spain, it combines all ingredients to go on and thrive internationally as the next Spanish must-watch show."

Here's the description of The Invisible Girl novel: "Aurora Ríos is invisible to almost everyone. The events of the past have caused her to isolate herself from the world and that she barely relates. At seventeen, she has no friends and she is fed up with the inhabitants of that town talking behind her back. One night in May, her mother cannot find her at home when she returns from work. It is not usual. Aurora appears dead the next morning in the locker room of her high school, Rubén Darío. She has a blow to the head and a compass has been left next to her body. Who is responsible for that terrible event?" 

"Julia Plaza, the invisible girl's classmate, is obsessed with finding the answer. Her great intelligence and her prodigious memory serve her to make the Rubik's cube in fifty seconds or be invincible playing chess. But can he help his parents in solving that enigma? His mother, Aitana, is the coroner in the case and his father, Miguel Ángel, the Civil Guard Judicial Police sergeant in charge of the investigation. Julia, together with her inseparable friend Emilio de Ella, a very particular boy with a disturbing look, will try to do everything in her power so that the murder of Aurora Ríos does not go unpunished. Will they be able to find out who the Compass Killer is and what is behind that strange death?"


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