Exclusive Steven Universe: The Movie Documentary Clip Talks Talent and Gratefulness

Steven Universe: The Movie is about to release on DVD for the very first time, and with it comes a special one-hour making-of documentary that takes fans behind the scenes to see what it was like working with creator Rebecca Sugar as she and the Crewniverse pulled the film together. ComicBook.com has been provided an exclusive clip of said documentary, and it really shows how Sugar's dedication infused the entire group to do and be better.

In the clip, which you can check out above, actors like Sarah Stiles (Spinel), Zach Callison (Steven Universe), and Deedee Magno-Hall (Pearl) discuss the impact and ability of Sugar on the film and series, and what it was like working with her. It concludes with Sugar herself talking about expressing herself and sharing that with so many people.

"Rebecca is authentically herself, and very generous, and so passionate about this project," Stiles says at the beginning of the clip, "and it's inspiring, because when someone is that hands on and has that much care to detail and respect for a project, it makes you want to... be on her level."

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Steven Universe: The Movie is scheduled to release on DVD on November 12th, and is currently available digitally wherever such things are sold. While the film takes place after the events of the Steven Universe television series, a new epilogue limited series, Steven Universe Future, is seemingly set to wrap the franchise up whenever it releases. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Steven Universe: The Movie right here.