Falcon and the Winter Soldier Actor Sebastian Stan Pays Loving Birthday Tribute to Co-Star Anthony Mackie

Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan paid some loving tribute to his co-star Anthony Mackie on the actor’s birthday. The bromance has been building between the MCU stars and it seems that the friendship has only deepened post-COVID-19. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is reportedly heading to the Czech Republic to film now and the crew has been dropping still images all over social media for fans to freak out over. On his Instagram Stories, he paid tribute to Mackie who caused a minor stir on the Internet last week when his new Falcon costume made the rounds. Of course, people are thirsty for more looks at both heroes, but that’s probably going to have to wait until 2021 at this rate.

“Happy Birthday to the light of my life. There’s not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for your warm smile. The way it calms my heart, your featherweight chuckle,” Stan joked. “The sparkle beneath your thoughtful brow. Your comforting embrace pulling me in. Stealing me. Completing me. You deserve everything. I love you. #LoveIsRare”

(Photo: Sebastian Stan/IG)

Mackie is promising something real different for Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

"We were in Europe, and everything got crazy in Europe first," Mackie explained in a previous interview. "So they shut us down two weeks before the U.S. shutdown. It was really amazing just because I feel like we're the first Marvel show or movie that had budget constraints. And that was always my [experience], 'It's Marvel, we could shoot forever.' And they're like, 'Nah.' So it was a very different experience from the rest of the movies. But at the same time, it was a lot of fun.”


"Those movies are like summer camp," he said. "And this show, it was no different. It was the same group of people, coming together to make it work. And so the stunt stuff — everything is just on another level. Every show, every movie, they just push it — they push the envelope so much. So hopefully, knock on wood, we'll be going back soon."

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