The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: New Disney+ Ad Removes Release Date From Marvel Show

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now listed as Coming Soon and fans are completely bewildered by the revelation. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s series was supposed to hit in the fall of this year. But, the coronavirus pandemic has completely thrown everything in entertainment into chaos. Now, it remains unclear if the series will be able to make this year. So, it would seem as though this is a way for Disney to hedge their bets when it comes to the highly-anticipated show. Various reports have said that Falcon and the Winter Soldier heading back to the Czech Republic for some more filming. It wasn’t that long ago that people were freaking about new looks at the two leads’ costumes in the upcoming Disney+ project. So, as everything in 2020, the future is uncertain.

"We were in Europe, and everything got crazy in Europe first," Mackie said in a previous interview. "So they shut us down two weeks before the U.S. shutdown. It was really amazing just because I feel like we're the first Marvel show or movie that had budget constraints. And that was always my [experience], 'It's Marvel, we could shoot forever.' And they're like, 'Nah.' So it was a very different experience from the rest of the movies. But at the same time, it was a lot of fun.”

"Those movies are like summer camp," he added. "And this show, it was no different. It was the same group of people, coming together to make it work. And so the stunt stuff — everything is just on another level. Every show, every movie, they just push it — they push the envelope so much. So hopefully, knock on wood, we'll be going back soon."

In some other comments, Mackie clarified that this won’t feel like anything else Marvel has produced. Disney+ shows are breaking new ground when it comes to the MCU.


"They're going to feel different in and of themselves, because they're shot in a completely different way than the movies," Mackie explained to THR. "I think people are going to be surprised by how in-depth and evolved the characters become by having six to eight hours to them, instead of just two hours."

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