Falcon and the Winter Soldier Set Photo Reveals Better Look at Bucky's Costume

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier fans have gotten a brand new look at Sebastian Stan’s costume for the Disney+ series. This week has had some images of the two stars make the rounds on the Internet and better pictures just keep coming. On Twitter, @deepbessons posted some of the images from the production and Bucky Barnes is looking a little darker this time around. (That’s kind of impressive after all Stan’s character has been through in the MCU so far.) But, yeah a lot of black metal to go along with the haircut and tons of small detailing on the bodysuit there. Fans of the Marvel Studios movies are going to have their hands full whenever The Falcon and the Winter Soldier makes its way to Disney+ later this year. Now, people are starting to wonder how long that is going to take.

Just this week, a report from Murphy’s Universe indicated that the show would be heading back to the Czech Republic to film as more and more footage stacks up. A lot of fans were able to catch a glance at some of the action sequences on the ground in Atlanta. As of now, there’s a filming permit for that country from September 29th to October 12th.

There have been murmurs that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be possibly bringing the Thunderbolts into the MCU in some way, shape, or form. Comicbook.com’s JK Schmidt broke that down for us earlier this week:

“As filming resumes in Atlanta, set videos and photos confirm the return of Georges St-Pierre as Batroc the Leaper, the C-level Cap villain who first appeared on the screen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Schmidt began. “The report also confirmed the casting of Erin Kellyman, who might be playing the character Songbird — a prominent member of the Thunderbolts in the pages of Marvel Comics.”

“The set video indicates that Kellyman's character meets with St-Pierre's Batroc, and the two are joined by Desmond Chiam's unknown character,” he continued. “Speculation pegs Kellyman's character to be Songbird, though it's not yet confirmed, and the scene in the production indicates this is the case.”


Schmidt added, “In the scene, Kellyman's character meets with the others in a public setting and displays her powers when she exerts control over regular citizens; while this isn't one of Songbird's most popular abilities, which includes supersonic screams similar to Black Canary, she has been known to use her vocal powers to manipulate people.”

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