Family Guy Leaving Adult Swim for New Home

Family Guy is leaving Adult Swim, the network that saved it after its original cancellation, and moving to a new cable network. The long-running animated series from Seth MacFarlane will continue to broadcast new episodes on FOX. However, its entire back catalog of previous episodes will move from Adult Swim to FXX. The network will begin airing Family Guy reruns five nights a week, while Freeform will also air episodes once a week. While FXX and Freeform have cable rerun right, Hulu remains the exclusive streaming home of Family Guy.

Episodes from seasons 1-19 of Family Guy will air on FXX on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 8pm to midnight ET. There will also be episodes on Wednesday nights from 8pm to 10pm ET. Freeform will host episodes on Fridays from 4pm to 10pm ET. The new schedule will begin on Monday, September 20th.

This move makes sense, as Family Guy is now available exclusively on Disney platforms, following Disney's purchase of 21st Century Fox. The House of Mouse made a bigger splash back in 2019 when it announced that every past season of The Simpsons would be added to the new Disney+ streaming platform, putting the series on the same streaming service for the first time and making it all available without commercials. Family Guy isn't quite as family friendly (no pun intended) as The Simpsons, so it has always felt unlikely that the show would end up on Disney+. That said, Disney owns Hulu, FXX, and Freeform, so it is still finding ways to get exclusive viewership for one of its biggest TV properties.

"We are airing the absolute ultimate collection of animated adult comedies on cable television," said Chuck Saftler, head of Business Operations for ABC, Freeform, FX Networks, and Acquisitions in Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution's Networks division. "This line-up is comedy gold that will provide FXX viewers with belly laugh after belly laugh."

With the move to FXX, Family Guy joins a large roster of animated comedies already airing on the network. The Simpsons airs reruns on FXX, along with Bob's Burgers, King of the Hill, Cleveland, and Archer (which is an original to FXX). Futurama will also be joining the lineup in November.


The 20th season of Family Guy will premiere on FOX on September 26th.