Today Show Hosts Respond to Family Guy "Nonsense People" Digs

The Today Show's third hour hosts have responded to those "nonsense people" jokes from Family Guy. In an episode from this month, Peter Griffin gets Lois a gift. During that exchange, the writers found the time to get a crack in on the late edition hosts of the talk show. Peter offers, "I thought you'd like it. I saw it on the Today show." To which Lois replies, "Second hour with Hoda and Savannah, or third hour with the nonsense people?" True comedy there and the hosts really did get a kick out of it. Viewers might expect them to take exception to the dig, but they were into it. Al Roker especially thought it was hilarious and stole the segment while he was laughing and yelling in the background. Dylan Dreyer, Sheinelle Jones, and Craig Melvin were good sports about the entire thing.

Dreyer joked, "This is like the highlight of my career." Meanwhile Roker is in the background just chanting "We made Family Guy! We made Family Guy!"

Melivn then asked "We're the nonsense people?" Then Jones joked, "It's your fault," while pointing towards Roker. But, the meteorologist just laughed, "Thank you. I wear it. I'm very happy. We're the nonsense people." 

To wrap up the segment, Melvin noted, "at least Peter and Lois are watching… We'll be right back. More nonsense after this."

Not too long ago FOX actually announced their renewal of Family Guy for another Season. They're going to keep airing the episodes according to FOX Entertainment President Michael Thorn.

"We have the shows for a few more years, and we expect to keep them as part of our lineup and part of the brand of our animation strategy for the time being," Thorn said. "The Simpsons is still playing at the top of its game and so is Family Guy and not to mention, of course, Bob's [Burgers]."

Family Guy also has a new home over at FX. Chuck Saftler the head of Business Operations for FX Networks spoke about it previously.

"We are airing the absolute ultimate collection of animated adult comedies on cable television," explained the head of Acquisitions in Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution's Networks division. "This line-up is comedy gold that will provide FXX viewers with belly laugh after belly laugh." 

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