Butter Man Returns to Harass Al Roker During Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: "I Can't Shake Him"

Many traditions have been scrapped this year in the face of COVID-19, but the annual Macy's [...]

Many traditions have been scrapped this year in the face of COVID-19, but the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has found a way to carry on despite the pandemic. The parade is taking place virtually this year with a shortened route being filmed live in New York City. Of course, that means the hosts of The Today Show are around to cover the event, and Al Roker has been revisited by his viral parade pal from last year.

Yes, that is right! The Butter Man is back and ready to spread some joy this holiday season. Roker was reunited with the parade character after the pair went viral last year, and fans are happy to see the Butter Man is doing well this year.

As you can see above, Roker ran into the Butter Man on two separate occasions. The first was live as Roker began reporting the weather while live at the parade's new route. It was there the masked Butter Man appeared out of nowhere to harass Roker with some hilarious antics. The pair had a good laugh before the Butter Man ran away to find his next victim.

Later on in the day, Roker and Butter Man came together for an interview to talk about their joint fame. The mascot, who is played by Donny Willis, said he had no idea his antics with the news anchor would go so viral. In fact, the actor said he didn't realize anyone even cared until his wife pulled him over mid-parade last year to let him in on his newfound fame. And when it came to reprising the role this year, Willis said he was more than ready to slip into his buttery suit once more. Not even the pandemic could keep him from the role, and netizens are glad to see the mascot is doing fine amidst these troubling times.

Is Roker ever going to shake off the Butter Man? Or has the news anchor met his match? Let us know what you think and tell us about your delicious holiday plans in the comments below!