Fan-Favorite Superman & Lois Writer Out Amid Budget Cuts

Adam Mallinger, a former writers assistant who first pitched bringing John Henry Irons into the show, announced his departure on social media.

Adam Mallinger, a staff writer on Superman & Lois who also wrote their issue of the Earth-Prime comic book crossover, has been cut from the series amid budget cuts. The writer took to social media last night to share the news, explaining that, along with the cuts to the show's cast and episode count in the upcoming fourth season, it was hardly surprising that the writers room was goign to take a hit, and that the showrunners had done as well as they could by him. Mallinger served as a writers assistant on the first season of the show, before being promoted to staff writer. 

He is credited as the writer on the season one episode "O Mother, Where Art Thou?," the season two episode "Girl...You'll Be a Woman, Soon," and season three's "Forever and Always." He also famously pitched the season one twist that revealed "Captain Luthor" was actually John Henry Irons, an idea that changed the direction of the series.

Mallinger's online presence as the "Bitter Script Reader" has not only connected him strongly with fans, but also helped him grab attention from producers and executives.

"Disappointing news – due to budget cuts, I won't be returning on staff at SUPERMAN & LOIS for season 4," Mallinger tweeted. "I debated saying anything, but I've tweeted my way into literally every TV job I've had, so it seemed prudent to announce I'm available for staffing."

When asked how that worked, Mallinger explained that his tweets had caught the attention of producers like Jeff Lieber (NCIS: New Orleans) and Greg Berlanti (Superman & Lois), and after months or years of developing those relationships, he went on to work with them.

"Obviously this isn't what I was hoping for, but after the cuts to cast and episode order, it's no surprise either," Mallinger added. "My showrunners were in a difficult spot and I want to be clear they've handled it the best they could. Making TV is hard sometimes."

Later, Mallinger said that he was limiting himself only to liking supportive messages, and thanked fans for making him feel so appreciated. A number of Arrowverse-adjacent creators, including Legends of Tomorrow composer Dan Park and actor Courtney Ford, both turned out in the comments to send him well-wishes.

In addition to writing some fan-favorite episodes, Mallinger's active social media presence has made him a kind of unofficial spokesperson for the show, connecting with fans and answering behind-the-scenes questions, especially as it pertained to how the show -- and the Earth-1 comic -- were impacted by the revelation that Superman & Lois did not, as previously believed, take place on the Arrowverse's Earth-Prime.