Fear the Walking Dead Star Warns Sherry's Return Means "Crazy Sh*t's About to Happen"

Get your sh*tting pants on: Austin Amelio says 'crazy sh*t's about to happen' now that Dwight and [...]

Get your sh*tting pants on: Austin Amelio says "crazy sh*t's about to happen" now that Dwight and his wife are reunited on Fear the Walking Dead. Season 6 episode "Alaska" ended with the long-missing Sherry's (Christine Evangelista) first appearance since a 2016 episode of The Walking Dead, but the couple's happy reunion might be short-lived: Dwight escaped Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) only to be subjugated by Virginia (Colby Minifie) and her Pioneers. A spooked Virginia is assembling an army — led by Ranger Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) — to combat the mounting threat tied to cryptic messages spray-painted on a beached submarine and a city building literally crawling with bubonic plague-carrying rats.

"You'll see these lives, like two pieces of a puzzle that don't really fit together," Amelio told Decider about what's next for Dwight and Sherry. "Or one piece of the puzzle's been folded up and water's gotten on it, and you're trying to force it in. It's going to be different. It's not going to be what they thought it was going to be."

The honeymoon period might not last long, Amelio said, because "some crazy sh*t's about to happen."

Amelio's comments come after co-stars Lennie James and Karen David — who play Morgan Jones and Grace, respectively — warned viewers to brace themselves for a "very dark" sixth season.

"There's going to be too much fear for you to handle," James said during a virtual Walking Dead Family Hangout over the summer. "It gets dark this season." Added David, who has yet to appear this season, "We are definitely going to the dark side. Very, very dark, so just brace yourselves. It's going to be quite the emo-coaster."

Taking the characters to dark places signals changes for the group of survivors mostly split up and spread out across Virginia's western settlements, including Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades).

"When you consider this universe, for me to say, 'We're going dark,' it must be something pretty serious," James said. "We're pretty much going there. No one is going to be the same at the end of this season."

Questions about Sherry's absence from The Walking Dead will come in "Honey," the episode of Fear airing November 8. It's there we'll meet who Evangelista calls "Sherry 2.0."

"[She's] somebody that is definitely more assertive and strong and tough, and she is on a mission. I call her Sherry 2.0," Evangelista told Insider. "Everything that's happened to her in her life — all of the pain that she's endured, the loss, the abuse that she went through, especially with Negan, and then, ultimately, not having any closure from that whole experience because she had to flee — she never ended up seeing what happened and she never got to see really any of the light at all. Her ex-husband did."

She continued, "Dwight's character really did see the fall of that empire in a way and she didn't. She's really carrying all of those experiences and it's been really heavy and [you'll be] seeing how that has changed her as a woman. It's hardened her in a way and you'll see her struggle to sort of fight against that."

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