Madison Meets SPOILER in Fear the Walking Dead Finale Trailer

It's a crossover years in the making. Morgan Jones (Lennie James) meets Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) when the worlds of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead collide once more in the Season 7 finale. Adrift at sea since "The Raft," Morgan missed the explosive end of the war between Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), friends turned foes over the struggle for Strand's Tower. Seeking someplace safe from the fallout of nuclear destruction with Baby Mo, Morgan finds a new ally who turns out to be more trouble than he bargained for when he reaches land in "Gone."

In the Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 finale trailer, Morgan makes it to shore — only to be attacked by new enemies wearing burlap sacks. Coming to Baby Mo's rescue is Madison, carrying a head-smashing hammer and a breathing apparatus in her first appearance since seemingly perishing in a stadium fire in Season 4. 

James crossed over from The Walking Dead to spinoff Fear in its fourth season, just missing the exiting Dickens and the killed off Madison Clark. Dickens announced her return to Fear live on Talking Dead in December, confirming Madison survived her apparent death: a self-sacrifice saving children Alicia and Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) from a walker horde. 

"My reaction [to] hearing that it was official that she was back was just excitement. My next question was, 'Am I in any scenes with her? Am I in the episode when she comes back, how was she coming [back]?'" James exclusively told ComicBook about working with Dickens on her return to Fear the Walking Dead. "It was all the questions that very selfishly were just about whether or not I got to work with Kim. That was all I was really interested in, really, because that's what I felt I'd missed out on [in Season 4]. And that's what I wanted to tick off on my bucket list." 

As Madison once said: no one's gone until they're gone. Dickens guest stars in the season finale before returning as a series regular in Season 8 of Fear

The Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 finale, "Gone," is streaming May 29 on AMC+ and premieres Sunday, June 5, on AMC. Follow @CameronBonomolo on Twitter & @NewsOfTheDead for TWD Universe coverage all season long.